When choosing between traditional paint and environmentally friendly paint, the majority of people will almost instantly make the right decision and say that it is the environmentally friendly paint the way to go. You are most definitely right. However, you should also be aware of the dangers which lie in traditional paints and learn more what makes these two stark different. Here are some of the reasons why environmentally paints are a much better choice for your home.

No Chemical Components

Traditional paints simply have too many chemical components. Some of the side-effects of the chemical components which are found in traditional paints are so strong that they can burn your eyes, nose and throat. Irritated skin and headaches are also part of these side-effects. At the secondary level, it could also be the cause of skin cancer, migraine, asthma, and kidney damage. Since they are not made of natural ingredients, it is expected that chemical components would have a negative effect. Still, this is alarming and should be the primary reason why you should choose natural paint – simply to protect your health!

No Negative Environmental Impact

Secondly, but not one bit less important, is the environmental impact. Since the traditional paints have a lot of chemical components, they also leave a harmful footprint on the environment as well. These paints, unlike environmentally friendly paints, are not biodegradable. Over time, traditional paints will make a negative impact on the entire ecosystem and if you would like to prevent it – use natural paint or environmentally friendly paint.

No Volatile Organic Compounds

The traditional, or chemical paint, is consisted of VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds. These are components which are not biodegradable or recyclable. If you would like to avoid using VOC, then use eco paint over chemical paint.

Taking Care Of Your Health

Even after the application of the paint, if you are using chemical paint VOC in the paint will remain active for five years after the paint has been dried up. It means that you will be exposed to these chemicals for a very long time. VOC could affect your health in a negative way and make you prone to respiratory infections and lung cancer.

No Awful Smell

The naturally produced eco-friendly paints are natural, and they do not have the nasty smell which comes from chemicals. In addition to that, they do not have an unsafe chemical emission of gasses and other components which will affect your health in a negative way. The naturally produced environmentally friendly paints could not even be compared to the lead emission of the chemical paints which are filled with ammonia and formaldehyde and their awful stench.So, there you have it, there are numerous reasons why we should use environmentally friendly paints and give up the bad practice of using chemical paints in our homes. There are numerous environmentally friendly paints to choose from, so you will be able to choose the one which suits you the most.