For a long time, people did not know the dangers of lead. It led to lead unknowingly becoming a part of every home, namely as a common ingredient for house paint. The lead was a popular ingredient not only because of its pigment but also due to its durability. In 1978 lead paint was recognized as a danger to human health by the US government and since then, lead paint has been banned for use in homes and buildings. Still, it is estimation that many existing buildings still have lead paint, but mostly those which were built before 1978.

Why Is Lead Bad?

Well, as we have said, lead can pose a substantial health risk for people who come in contact with the lead paint. Lead can, in fact, enter your bloodstream, as you ingest it through the air and polluted fumes which you inhale. Just some of the symptoms of lead poisoning are headaches, muscle and joint pain, high blood pressure, but it could also cause reproductive problems, problems in pregnancy, as well as loss of memory. It sounds quite concerning, but even more so when you think about your loved ones who are exposed to lead paint.Especially children under two years old are in great danger because at that age they are extremely sensitive to the environment in general and even more so to the lead. The children who are affected by lead poisoning are noted to develop brain damage and nervous system damage, learning problems and reduced IQ levels, behavioral problems, and overall they slowly develop and grow at a slower speed rate than their peers who have not had contact with lead or lead paint fumes.

Test Your Home For Lead

In case that you are concerned whether there is the presence of lead in your paint, you can get your home tested for lead. It involves, some of the following methods that we will mention. Firstly, you can use professional services for lead testing that will use X-ray fluorescence to test your home for lead. Secondly, you could send a chip of your wall to a laboratory for testing. And lastly, you could use a do-it-yourself kit which you can find in paint stores or online.

Lead Paint And Healthy Living

In case that you suspect that you might be living in a house which has lead paint, it is necessary to do something about it to take better care of the health of your entire family. If replacing your entire house walls at once is perhaps out of your reach at the moment, there is still something you could so – such as cleaning regularly and making sure your home is clean and free of any particles which may come from lead paint off the walls. Clean your woodwork regularly with a damp cloth and wash all the children’s toys so that you prevent any potential contact with lead residues. In case that you have children in your home, you should also test them for lead if you suspect that it affects their health make urgent changes.